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Rosa Donoso was Marika Donoso's wheelchair-bound sister during Day 7.

Before Day 7 Edit

Rosa was known to have "episodes" and Marika usually took care of her. When Marika started dating a man named "Samuel", who was Iké Dubaku in reality, Rosa disapproved of the relationship. However, she promised to stop showing it at Marika's request.

Day 7 Edit

When Marika came home from work at the diner to tend to her, Rosa again brought out her dislike for "Samuel". She pointed out to Marika that she had only knew him for four months. After Marika left, Rosa called "Samuel" and ordered him to break-up with Marika. When he asked why, she told him that she had investigated and nobody with his name had immigrated from Sangala in the past years and she threatened to reveal this if he didn't do what she said.

Later, Dubaku met with Marika and told her he was leaving the country, and asked her to come with him. When Marika refused because of Rosa, Dubaku told her they would bring her a few days after they arrived. Marika agreed and returned home to pack her things. When Rosa found about this, she forbid her to leave. However, Marika still was about to go out when Jack Bauer and Renee Walker broke in. When they asked about Dubaku, they didn't recognize the name. But when Renee showed them a picture, Rosa identified him as "Samuel". Renee and Jack told them everything about Dubaku and asked Marika to help them track him down. Rosa wasn't happy with this and asked Marika to forgive her.

When Rosa found out about the accident during Dubaku's pursuit, she presented at the hospital asking Renee about her sister. When she told her Marika didn't survive, Rosa blasted her for putting her in danger. Renee couldn't deal with the guilt and walked away as Rosa cried.

Background information and notesEdit

  • This character was originally named Rosa Gonzales, with actress Marlene Forte cast in the role.
  • The casting call for Rosa Donoso described the character as "a woman who is concerned about Ike Dubaku and warns her sister about it."

Live appearancesEdit

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