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Roy Schneider was a Republican congressional representative from Texas, and a member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

Schneider had a daughter in the Marine Corps, Captain Jessica Schneider. (Operation Hell Gate)

Schneider sat on the twelve-member House Special Subcommittee convened after Day 1 to investigate misconduct at CTU Los Angeles. During the hearings, he frequently expressed honest admiration for Jack Bauer and his heroics, occasionally leading Chairman Jayce Fulbright to ask him to refrain from personal commentary. (Findings at CTU)

Memorable quotes[]

  • Rep. Roy Schneider: Pauline, I'm impressed. You suddenly know what a Black Hawk is? (pause) You saw that movie, didn't ya?

  • Lt. Col. Kevin Newton: MUDD is the military acronym for our Level 3 Detention Centers.
  • Rep. Roy Schneider: As in mud. As in the prison facilities are about as easy to see through as mud. I see the DOD has finally developed a sense of humor.