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Rudolf Martin (born July 31, 1967; age 54) played photograher Martin Belkin, as well as his lookalike, the assassin Jonathan Matijevich, on 24.


Martin was born in Germany, but then moved to Paris, Italy, and finally the US. His first opportunity came in 1993 when he was offered the role of Anton Lang on the show "All My Children". The next year, he also had his first feature film role on The Dutch Master. Other films in which he has appeared since are Punks (with Michael Holden and Phillip Rhys), Bedazzled (with Gabriel Casseus), Swordfish (with Zach Grenier), The Scoundrel's Wife (with Julian Sands), and Hoboken Hollow (with C. Thomas Howell, Michael Madsen and Dennis Hopper).

Martin also continued to work on several TV series like Enterprise (with John Billingsley), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (with Marisol Nichols), CSI: Miami (with Rory Cochrane), and Dexter (with Geoff Pierson). He also played Dracula on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and in the 2000 TV movie, Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (with Peter Weller). Martin also had recurring roles on series like Beggars and Choosers where he played Nicky Krasnakov, and NCIS (with Alan Dale, Michael O'Neill and Tim Kelleher) where he played one of the show's main villains, terrorist Ari Haswari.

Martin has also appeared in a handful of off-Broadway productions. In addition to German and English, he is also a fluent speaker of French and Italian.

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