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The Russian consulate was a post of Russian Federation's diplomatic mission in Los Angeles, operated by Anatoly Markov during Day 6 and subordinate to the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C..

Day 6[]

During the events of Day 6, Former President Charles Logan visited the Russian consulate with his Secret Service unit. Logan went to speak with Consul Anatoly Markov, who showed his condolences for the nuclear explosion that occurred in Valencia earlier in the day. Logan was convinced that Markov knew where Dmitri Gredenko's, who was working with Abu Fayed's terrorist cell, location was. After Logan threatened to send videos to Russian President Yuri Suvarov, that would implicate Markov in the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy of Day 5, he left the consulate.


Consul Markov is interrogated by Jack Bauer for information.

Shortly after 5:30pm, the power at the consulate went off and Jack Bauer took Markov hostage. Vasili and Stovich noticed Markov's alarm went off, and Bauer threatened to kill Markov if they made a move on him. After torturing and extorting information from Markov, Jack began to call CTU Los Angeles and he walked towards the door. Vasili set off an explosion and Jack was arrested. Markov demanded for no one to speak to Bauer and for him to not communicate with the outside world.


Security at the consulate watches Jack from a PDA.

When Stovich decided to help Jack, Vasili killed him and Vasili brought Jack to a lower-level, preparing to execute him. Jack was able to kill Vasili and escape. Markov ordered for all communications to be shut down and Jack had to take cover with two Russian citizens, Elena and Leon. When President Suvarov demanded for Markov to surrender to the Americans and deliver Jack Bauer, Markov refused and Suvarov sanctioned the raiding of the consulate.


Video footage shows Jack Bauer shooting Vasili.

A TAC team, lead by Mike Doyle, raided the consulate and several hostiles were killed. During the raiding, Leon was shot by a hostile, but Doyle reported he was still alive. Markov was shot twice in the chest while talking to Gredenko on the phone, being killed as a result.


Background information and notes[]

  • In actuality, there is no Russian consulate in Los Angeles. The actual diplomatic mission representing Russia in California is the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco.

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