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The SUV was a type of motor vehicle commonly used by CTU agents.

Day 1 Edit

Jack Bauer owned a silver SUV that he used to drive from his house to CTU shortly after midnight. He then used it to drive to 2350 Dunlop Plaza, before taking the 134 back. On the way he used the car's built in mobile scanner to send information to CTU. He then used the car to drive to 18166 San Fernando Road, before following Penticoff to Van Nuys Precinct. Finally, he drove Penticoff to Avenue 26 in the car, but left it there when he discovered another car containing a body.

David Palmer also owned an SUV (a Lincoln Navigator), which he used to drive from his hotel to Hotel Rosslyn to meet Carl Webb. While waiting in the parking lot for Carl, a teenager smashed his back window with a baseball bat.

Background information and notes Edit

  • In the first two seasons the SUV's seen were commonly GMC Yukons, but for the rest of the series Ford Expeditions were mainly used. In season 7, cream colored Expeditions were mainly used, which is strange because the standard color is black. In season 8, a variety of new and old Chevrolet Suburbans were used by CTU.
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