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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Sabir Hussain was a terrorist working for Abu Fayed during Day 6.

Day 6[]

Sabir oversaw many of Fayed's early operations. When CTU Los Angeles was arranging to turn Jack Bauer over to Fayed, Sabir intercepted a signal on a government frequency that was pointing a private satellite near Fayed and Jack. Fayed demanded it be directed away, and Sabir confirmed when Morris and Chloe O'Brian pointed its camera elsewhere. When Jack escaped from the terrorists, Fayed brought Sabir to the sewers to find him. Sabir talked Fayed into cutting off the search, because it jeopardized their ongoing mission to kill many, not one.


Sabir tells Fayed about government surveillance

Later, at another location in Valencia, Sabir escorted Ray Wallace at gunpoint to Fayed. After Fayed departed for another safehouse, Sabir oversaw Hasan Numair in the assembly of the first suitcase nuclear device. When a TAC team raided the warehouse, Sabir was gunned to the ground by field agents. He shouted over to Numair to detonate the bomb, and was vaporized by the blast along with everything else in the vicinity.

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