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Saburo Genko was a member of Miroji Jimura's terrorist group trying to steal a B61 nuclear bomb.

Genko and a few of his allies were posing as groundskeepers and drivers outside of a military base early in the morning. Ready to put Jimura's plan into action, Genko and his allies infiltrated the base, informing Thomas Wade that he and the other men intended on cutting the grass. After Wade let them into the perimeter, Genko moved towards a series of bushes, pretending to cut them. Once Wade began to walk into the base, Kioshi Jahana signaled Genko to move, and Genko swiftly snuck into the base and subdued Wade. He forced Wade to reveal the password that would unlock the base's inventory information, and after Jahana and Genko uncovered the information, Genko knocked out Wade. Once Jahana finished printing out the inventory information, Genko broke Wade's neck in order to eliminate any witnesses.

Later in the day, Edoga Kanashiro's men attacked Jimura's forces, and Genko was either arrested by JSDF and NCIS agents or killed during the shootout. (Trial by Fire)

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