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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Safa was an Arab-American who owned a sporting goods store located a few blocks from the headquarters of McLennen-Forster. He and his brother Naji grew up in that neighborhood and took over the store when their father died.

Day 4[]

After Jack Bauer and Paul Raines escaped from McLennen-Forster with an encrypted printout, a team of mercenaries began tracking them down with the intention of killing them and retrieving the printout. Jack and Paul sought refuge in Safa and Naji's sporting goods store, and decided to engage the McLennen-Forster commandos in a firefight.

Although Jack warned them that he could not guarantee their safety, Safa and Naji insisted on staying and helping. They explained that they wanted to help fight the men who were working with the terrorists since they'd been fighting hurtful stereotypes of Arabs their whole lives. With their help, Jack and Paul successfully fought off the McLennen-Forster army until CTU tactical teams arrived.

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