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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Salim was an inmate at the Anacostia Detention Facility in Washington, D.C. during Day 6.

Day 6[]

Salim was in the same line as Walid Al-Rezani when being processed into the detention center. He became indignant that he was arrested without having committed a crime, and instead of submitting to a cavity search, demanded to speak to someone in charge. A National Guard soldier tried to push Salim along in the line, but he resisted, and the soldier used more force with another soldier's help. From nearby, Walid demanded that the soldier release Salim, and resisted the soldier as well. When Walid was struck and carried away, Salim was grateful that Walid stood up for him.

Salim later thanked Walid and began to carry a conversation with another inmate in Arabic. Walid conveyed the message to Sandra Palmer who later relayed it to CTU.

The message proved that Salim had some knowledge of the attacks, and so Walid agreed to wear a wire to find out what else he knew.

After Walid stole Heydar's phone, he returned to spy on Salim. Walid remained quiet when Heydar noticed he was missing his phone. Heydar realized it was probably Walid, accused him of stealing the phone, and began to search him.

Salim found the phone and declared that Walid was "no better than them." He and some other inmates began to beat Walid before being stopped by the guards.

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