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Officer Sam Krugman was an undercover LAPD officer who arrested Kim Bauer, Rick Allen, Melanie, Frank Allard, and Craig in a drug sting operation during Day 1.

Day 1[]

Krugman and his undercover partner had plans to "sell" a large amount of ecstasy to the unsuspecting drug dealer Frank Allard. Frank was supposed to get the cash from, Dan Mounts, his brother, but learned that Dan had been murdered by Ira Gaines. Frank planned to keep Rick Allen and Kim Bauer in his house until after the deal was finished. Frank called up Craig and another accomplice, who brought firearms instead of money, so they could rob Krugman and his partner of their ecstasy.

When Krugman and the partner arrived, they spoke but Frank eventually put them both at gunpoint. Later, he struck Krugman in the nose with a gun, at which point Krugman revealed that he was a cop. A SWAT team rushed the room, killed the accomplice because he opened fire, and put everyone else into custody, including Kim and Rick, who were not involved in the deal.

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At the police station, Kim told Krugman about everything that had happened to her—her kidnapping, the safe house on Pine Canyon being attacked—but Krugman didn't believe her because Melanie had lied to him, by telling him that Kim had been in on the deal. She even gave Krugman CTU's phone number so he could validate what she said, but he did not call to verify her story. He had her returned to the cell.

Later, after Kim saved Melanie from getting in even more trouble, Melanie talked to Krugman and told him that she had lied, and Kim had been held against her will during the drug deal. Krugman called Tony Almeida at CTU, and he confirmed that what Kim said was true. Krugman released Kim from the cell and took her back to CTU in a police car himself.

However, the car was ambushed by Andre and Victor Drazen's men. As they came to the car, Krugman was shot and Kim was taken. He was seriously injured by his gunshot wound, but ultimately survived.

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