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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Sam Singer was the father of Kyle Singer and the husband of Helen Singer. He lived with his family in Canoga Park prior to and during Day 3.

Before Day 3[]

Sam lost his job and his family fell behind on their rent payments to their landlord, Don. Sam's son Kyle then took an illegal job ferrying what he believed to be cocaine into the country from Mexico.

Day 3[]

When he learned that Kyle had paid the rent, Sam grew deeply suspicious because Kyle was unemployed. When Sam found out that Kyle was delivering a bag full of white powder he tried to stop him, but the bag was torn open in their scuffle instead. CTU thought this released the virus, and teams swarmed into the family's apartment. His wife, Helen, flushed the powder down the toilet, and CTU feared that it had been released into the general population. However, it was discovered that it was merely harmless, a hoax meant to deceive the government, and was not a virus. CTU then assumed that Kyle himself had been directly infected with the virus, and he would become contageous in a few hours.

CTU used Sam to call Kyle so they could track his location. They found him to be at a mall, and Tony Almeida took a team there. However, Kyle fled the scene when Tony was shot. He was later caught by Gomez, one of Hector Salazar's men. A CTU team found Kyle once more and took him to the NHS. He was told that he had a few hours to live, and said a tearful goodbye to his parents. However, Dr. Nicole Duncan discovered that in fact Kyle did not have the virus, and informed the happy family that they had nothing to worry about.

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