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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Samir was one of the Somali pirates working under Osman Xasan Muhamad during Rogue.

Samir was one of the 19 pirates that boarded the Barataria in the Gulf of Aden, taking control of the ship. After they had taken the crew hostage in the pilothouse, Samir and Khaled stayed with the hostages while the others went down to deal with Rask's men on the deck. Samir and Khaled held Captain Markus Rohde while Osman threatened him. They then took the crew down to the forecastle with the other prisoners.

After Sadiq found the location of a safe from Callum Trent, he had his men locate tools to break the safe open. Samir and others managed to remove it from the stateroom wall and melt it open, revealing money inside. They stashed the money to split up later, before returning to the prisoners to find out from Trent where the missiles were located.

After Trent gave up his laptop and Jibríl began working on cracking the encryption, Osman ordered Samir to get all of the rest of the men up to guard the superstructure. However, unconvinced of the purpose of this order, Sadiq beckoned Samir, Feysal and Ashkir aside to convince them to continue their inventory of the ship. However, they soon realised that Caadil, Yasir and Faaruq were missing, and that an enemy was somewhere below decks.

Samir, Feysal and Ashkir then grabbed 3 other men and went to find the intruder. However, as they descended a ladder into the lower hold, one of the men shined his torch at Jack Bauer, who was hiding in the hold. Jack responded by shooting and killing 4 of the pirates, then firing a smoke grenade at them and shooting another of the men. Ashkir, Feysal, Abiid and Ahmed were killed, and Samir fled after getting caught in the smoke. He radioed Osman to report in, and explained what had happened.

Osman then ordered Samir and Khaled to accompany him to locate Bauer below decks. After entering Hold 3 and cutting off the light, they were caught out when Jack fired smoke grenades at their position. As they escaped the smoke, Jack shot Samir and Khaled with his HK, killing them.

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