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Sammy was a member of the Night Rangers biker gang. He was also in charge of running The Crankcase strip club after he lost his right leg from a truck accident.

Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds met Sammy pretending to be two mobsters from Chicago. Sammy told both of them to come back another time because he was busy, but the men insisted, and Sammy led them both to his office. Once inside, Jack started arguing with Sammy, telling him that Rydell was getting sloppy and that his activities were drawing the wrong kind of attention. Sammy started to explain how the strip club operated; he told them how most of the civilians who were kidnapped were either taken to "the works" or were forced into prostitution and working as a dancer for the club. Chase and Jack asked one too many questions, and Sammy realized that neither of them were really from Chicago. Sammy attempted to kill Jack and Chase with his sawn-off shotgun, but they overpowered him. Jack punched him in the throat so hard he ruptured his bones and cartilage, killing him. (Deadline)

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