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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.
You may be looking for Colonel Ron Samuels mentioned in Day 2.

Samuels was an FBI agent active during Day 6. He was sent to the Islamic-American Alliance to investigate files, and he later lead a sting operation that placed Walid Al-Rezani undercover with prisoners.

Day 6[]

When Samuels arrived at the Islamic-American Alliance with his partner Agent Nichols, attorney Sandra Palmer refused to allow the FBI to gain access to the personnel files of the employees. She asked Samuels and Nichols to leave the building since they had no warrant.

Eventually they returned with an "administrative warrant," and so Director Walid Al-Rezani brought them to see the personnel files. While Walid was with the FBI agents and a computer technician, Sandra used a computer to delete all the files because she knew that kind of warrant was not applicable. When Samuels learned that the files could not be restored, he took her and Walid into custody.

When President Wayne Palmer learned about this, he demanded for the release of his sister and Walid, and the FBI were forced to accept. When Walid was placed at the Anacostia Detention Facility, he heard a phrase that helped CTU Los Angeles' investigation of the current terrorist threats. The FBI realized that Walid could help the investigation, and placed him undercover in the detention facility.

Eventually Walid won the trust of his fellow prisoners, and he managed to steal a cell phone from one of them. Samuels sent the information off the cell phone SIM card to Chloe O'Brian, who told Samuels that the prisoners learned all their information off a website. Realizing Walid was in grave danger, Samuels and Sandra rushed into the facility.

The guards managed to hold off the prisoners, and Walid was brought to the hospital in critical condition.

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