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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Samuels was a CTU agent active during Countdown.

Countdown[edit | edit source]

Around 12:00pm, Samuels called Jack Bauer whist he was in the car going for a vacation. He told Jack that his vacation would have to wait as a CTU agent, Marcus Johnson, had gone rogue en route to Arizona, near Jack's location. He told Jack to track Johnson and bring him into custody. Jack did so, successfully avoiding being killed by Johnson's men in following cars who were throwing dynamite at him. He brought Johnson into custody, and found some van rental papers that Johnson had, which Samuels tracked to San Diego. He sent a chopper to pick up Jack.

At 5:00pm, Samuels called Jack and told him that he was close to the rental van, and that he should continue along the current road. After attacking several cars guarding the van, Samuels contacted Jack and told him that the van had broken through their road block, and it had traces of ammonium-nitrate on it, so he should be careful around it. Jack reached the nuclear facility first and managed to apprehend the driver of the van.

Samuels then sent Jack to Las Vegas and told him to stop a terrorist cell, who they found out about from the rental company, who had rented another van from California. He told Jack to stop the van entering city limits by any means necessary, however Samels called Jack soon after and said that the truck was a decoy and there was a dirty bomb somewhere in a large vehicle within the city. Jack successfully found the bomb in the truck just before 12:00am, and received a call from the President.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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