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Santa Clarita—a city of California approximately 35 miles northwest of the city of Los Angeles—was the site of several domestic terrorism operations undertaken by CTU Los Angeles.

Day 1[]


The Gaines compound

Placerita Canyon Road, which contained the hideout of terrorist Ira Gaines, was located in Santa Clarita, approximately one mile from highway 14.

Senator David Palmer also held a breakfast rally at the Santa Clarita Power Plant where Jonathan Matijevich attempted to kill him under orders from Ira Gaines.

Victor Drazen was held in a Class Three Detention Facility in Saugus, which is part of the city of Santa Clarita.

Day 2[]

Near Santa Clarita, Ramon Garcia invaded a convenience store run by Frank Davies. Davies was killed and Kim Bauer was held hostage. Kim escaped, and officers led by Deputies Raynes and Nirman shot and apprehended Ramon. Raynes then arrested Kim after her confession of involvement in certain activities earlier in the day, and drove her to a sheriff's station in Santa Clarita where she was interviewed by Sgt. Bob Amis. She then called Tony Almeida to contact the DA's office, and phoned Miguel at the hospital where he was being treated.

After Day 3[]

After Day 3, Chase Edmunds moved to Valencia, in Santa Clarita, and got a job for a private security firm.

Day 4[]

At approximately 7:00 AM on Day 4, a commuter train travelling near the city of Santa Clarita was derailed and wrecked by a truck bomb, killing at least 32 people. A terrorist named Dar stole a briefcase holding the Dobson Override device from the McLennen-Forster courier named Brody who was riding the train.

Day 6[]


Valencia, struck by a terrorist nuclear weapon

Terrorist leader Abu Fayed used an abandoned factory in Valencia as a staging area for attacks in and around Los Angeles, including an attack using a suitcase nuclear device. At 9:58AM, during a raid by CTU, one of Fayed's suitcase nukes was detonated by his engineer, Hasan Numair, killing over 12,000 people.

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