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Santa Clarita, California
Seasons 1, 3, 4, 6
First Seen
Last Seen Day 6 9:00am-10:00am

Santa Clarita is a city located in California.


Santa Clarita is located on West (Pacific) Coast in California. It is approxamitely 35 miles northwest of the city of Los Angeles.

Santa Clarita is within the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles branch of the Counter Terrorist Unit.

Day 1

Placerita Canyon, which contained the hideout of terrorist Ira Gaines, was located in Santa Clarita, approximately one mile from highway 14.

Victor Drazen was held in a Class Three Detention Facility in Saugus, which is part of the city of Santa Clarita.

After Day 3

After Day 3, Chase Edmunds moved to Valencia, in Santa Clarita, and got a job for a private security firm.

Day 4

At approximately 7:00 AM on Day 4, a commuter train travelling near the city of Santa Clarita exploded. A terrorist named Dar retrieved a briefcase holding the Dobson Override device from the wreckage of the train.

Day 6

Terrorist leader Abu Fayed used an abandonned factory in Valencia as a preparation area for attacks in the Los Angeles area, including an attack using a suitcase nuke. At 9:58AM, during a raid by CTU, Fayed's suitcase nuke was detonated.

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