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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

The Santa Monica Pier was a location within Santa Monica.

Day 6[]

During Day 6, Jack Bauer forced Dmitri Gredenko to arrange a meeting with Abu Fayed in the Santa Monica Pier. CTU wanted to use this opportunity to capture Fayed so they placed a microtracker in Gredenko's arm. When Gredenko met Fayed, he betrayed CTU and warned them about the transmitter. Fayed and the two terrorists with him, Hasim and Hasan, then proceeded to cut off Gredenko's arm with an axe. When Jack Bauer discovered that they were no longer tracking Gredenko, he moved in and killed the two subordinates. However, as Gredenko and Fayed were escaping through a nearby bar, Gredenko changed his mind. To separate from Fayed, he shouted at the patrons that he recognized Fayed was the man responsible for the attacks of the day, so they would mob him. Fayed shot one of the drinkers to death, but was beaten by the others until Jack, followed by CTU field operative Ryan, arrived and took custody of the terrorist ringleader. Gredenko took this opportunity to escape, but soon collapsed and died under the Santa Monica Pier from blood-loss.