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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.
You may be looking for Sapna Pabbi.

Sapna was an actress who was held hostage by Jai Singh Rathod during Day 1. When she was six months old, her father left her family and did not come back.

On the morning of Day 1, she was on her way to an audition when Jai jumped into her car outside the Steel Corporation of India and held her at gunpoint. He ordered her to drive away, directing her to a construction site where he took her out of the car and brought her to an empty room.

Once there, Jai made some calls to the ATU while Sapna was trapped. A little later, Jai began to fall asleep and Sapna attempted to sneak away, but he woke up and pointed his gun at her. He explained that his family had been kidnapped and he had killed several people already. He then turned on the television, which showed a news report of Aditya Singhania's attempted assassination. Sapna asked Jai if he was responsible, but he denied it.

After around twenty minutes, the police discovered Sapna's car and surrounded the room they were in. Jai asked Sapna to use his gun to shoot through his handcuffs, but she explained that she was an excellent actress and could have deceived him, pointing the gun at him. However, she sensed he was telling the truth agreed to help him, so Jai dragged her out of the room at gunpoint while she screamed at the police officers that he was her mentally unstable father. The police did not stop them as Jai made it to his car and drove away. He complimented Sapna on her acting skills and wished her well for her audition, before dropping her off. ("Day 1: 8:00am-9:00am")

Background information and notes Edit

  • Sapna is based on Lauren Proctor from the original series. However, Sapna does not ultimately betray Jai, as Lauren does to Jack Bauer.

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