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Sarah was one of Cara Bowden's undercover mercenaries during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Sarah and another undercover mercenary, "Bob Peluso", were sent to an airport by Cara Bowden to monitor Kim Bauer and murder her if Jack Bauer did not comply with Bowden's demands. Kim stumbled with her at the baggage line. Shortly later, Kim realized that she was being observed by a strange man (actually FBI agent Franks) and was unsettled. Kim went over to sit with Sarah and Bob, trusting their friendly company while waiting for her flight. Sarah appreciated Kim's comment about how kind Bob was, and told Kim she would watch her luggage when Bauer decided to use the bathroom.


Sarah holds Kim Bauer as a hostage

Eventually, Kim managed to find out that she and Bob were the true threat. Once DC Police and airport security started to surround the area, Bob opened fire with a gun while Sarah pulled out a knife and held Kim as a hostage. However, Kim had a pen with her and she stabbed Sarah in the thigh, causing her to let Kim out of her grasp. As soon as Kim was out of the way, airport security shot and killed Sarah.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It was not explicitly stated if Sarah was using the same cover "surname" as Bob Peluso, her co-conspirator and "husband".
  • Sarah was killed in a very similar way to Omar in Day 4.

Live appearancesEdit

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