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Sarah Wynter
Birthplace Newcastle, Australia
Date of Birth February 15, 1973
Role on 24 Kate Warner

Sarah Wynter played Kate Warner during Season 2 of 24. (however she appeared in the very first episode of Season 3)

Wynter has also appeared in The 6th Day and had a recurring role in The Dead Zone. Her 2005 movie, Three Dollars, is the first she has made in Australia.

Wynter's next role will be in the 2006 NBC television series Windfall alongside Jason Gedrick, Luke Perry and fellow "24" cast member Lana Parrilla.

On August 20, 2005 Wynter married American magazine editor Dan Peres in Sydney, Australia.

She was ranked 81 in Stuff Magazines's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002).

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