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Ivan Erwich using a satellite phone during Day 5

A satellite phone was a communications device used primarily by those not wanting their conversation monitored or located by adversarial forces. Satellite phones, unlike cell phones, send and receive signals directly to orbiting satellites, giving them a much larger range than cell phones. They are usually brick-shaped with a retractable, foldable antenna.

Day 2 Edit

Aaron Pierce gave President Palmer access to a satellite phone to contact Jack Bauer. Mike Novick used a satellite phone to call Vice President James Prescott.

Day 3 Edit

Jack Bauer used a satellite phone to call Michael Amador when he convinced brothers Hector and Ramon Salazar to buy the Cordilla virus, all part of the sting operation organized by him, Tony Almeida and Gael Ortega. He also used a satellite phone when he unintentionally triggered a worm in CTU through Nina Myers' instructions.

Day 5 Edit

Ivan Erwich spoke on a satellite phone to Jacob Rossler.

Day 6 Edit


Markov using a sat phone

Dmitri Gredenko used a satellite phone, in a remote desert location, where an ordinary cell phone would have had difficulty finding signal. His contact, Anatoly Markov, used one as well.

Day 7 Edit

General Benjamin Juma used a satellite phone during the White House raid to contact Jonas Hodges.

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