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Scott was a sniper working for Peter Kingsley during Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

Peter Kingsley and five men arrived together at the Los Angeles Coliseum to meet Sherry Palmer. Kingsley's sixth man, Scott, had already situated himself on a high point in the structure with a sniper rifle, and waited for Kingsley to give the kill order.

When Kingsley determined that Sherry did not know the location of Alex Hewitt, he ordered Scott to fire on Sherry. However, Scott had been discovered and killed by Jack Bauer. Jack used Scott's sniper rifle to take out all but Kingsley and one of the other men.

Background information and notes Edit

Scott sniper face

Filming the scene, with Rob Kyker (left)

  • The filming of Scott's scene is described by Jon Cassar, Tobin Bell, and others in 24: Exposed, one of the Season 2 DVD Special features.
  • It was initially unknown if Jack had killed Scott or knocked him out, but a photo of Jack's kill list during Day 9 confirms he had killed Scott. His method of doing so is unknown.

Live appearances Edit

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