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Scott Borman was a personal assistant to Secretary of Defense James Heller during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

When Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines were ambushed at Felsted Security, Jack came to the conclusion that there was a mole within CTU Los Angeles. Secretary of Defense James Heller was informed about the situation and was told to not trust anyone, even Erin Driscoll, the CTU Director. Scott Borman arrived at CTU from the Department of Defense, and worked with Heller to flush out the mole. They gave out false information on Jack and Audrey's location, in order to see who would leak the information outside of CTU. It was discovered that Sarah Gavin was allegedly the mole and she was arrested. This was later proven wrong, when it was discovered that Marianne Taylor framed Gavin for the evidence leak.

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