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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Scott Frank was an FBI agent sent to take Chloe O'Brian into custody following Day 8.

After Day 8[edit | edit source]

Frank arrived with several other agents and presented a warrant for Chloe's arrest. She agreed to answer his questions, and he asked her for information on Jack Bauer's whereabouts. Chloe promptly denied knowing anything about where Jack was or what he was doing. Frank reminded her that the minimum prison sentence for aiding and abetting a federal fugitive was fifteen years. Having reviewed her file, Frank admitted that he was "baffled" that Chloe continually went to the aid of an agent with such a problematic record. She insisted that Jack only did the things nobody else had the guts to do, and assures him that he won't be found as long as he doesn't want to be found.

Frank ordered Morris O'Brian to bring Prescott out of the back room, then reminded Chloe that if she received the maximum sentence, she would not be released until after Prescott's twenty-first birthday. Chloe said that she could live with that because she would have stuck to her principals. Frank ordered the other agent to handcuff her, and escorted her out of the room as Morris and Prescott watched.

Live appearances[edit | edit source]

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