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Scott Wallace was a civilian teenager, living with his father and mother in Granada Hills during the events of Day 6.

Day 6[]

As Day 6 began, Scott sought help with his math homework from his friend, Ahmed Amar, who lived across the street. However, Scott was unable to speak to him as his father, Yusuf Amar was being taken away by the FBI. Scott informed his parents, who just moments before had been arguing whether or not he should go to school following the bombing of a bus in downtown Los Angeles.

The three went to a window, and watched Yusuf be dragged off by the FBI, despite his son's vehement objections.

After the FBI car drove off, Ahmed was spotted by a contractor named Stan Miller. Ahmed rushed inside his house, but Stan followed, and eventually burst through Ahmed's door. Scott decided to help Ahmed, but Ray intervened and went to confront Stan and another man by himself. Ray instead that Ahmed stay at their home while the neighbors calmed down.

Later that morning, Ahmed returned to his home to retrieve a package which Ahmed was to transport to a third party to pay for a component for a suitcase nuke in the possession of terrorist leader Abu Fayed. Ahmed was attacked by Stan, but Ahmed was able to shoot and kill Stan. Scott then went to Ahmed's home, where Ahmed forced Scott at gunpoint back to his own home.

At Scott's home, Ahmed took Scott and his parents, Ray, and Jillian hostage. At one point during the ordeal, Scott retrieved water and painkillers for Amhed, but also pocketed a knife to use to attack Ahmed. Scott, however, was not willing to attack Ahmed.

When Ahmed realized he was unable to deliver his package due to a leg injury sustained during the fight with Stan, he forced Ray to deliver the package for him. After the package was exchanged for the nuclear trigger, Ahmed forced Ray to deliver the trigger to Abu Fayed in Valencia. In exchange, Ahmed released Jillian, but kept Scott hostage. Once released, Jillian contacted the police, who then told CTU of the hostage situation. CTU sent a TAC Team, lead by Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning, to the Wallace home. Just as Ahmed prepared to kill Scott (under Fayed's orders), CTU rescued Scott and killed Ahmed.

Scott provided CTU with the address of a warehouse where Ahmed had sent Ray to deliver the trigger for the suitcase nuke. A CTU TAC team was deployed to the address, but were unable to prevent the nuclear device from being detonated.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Scott Wallace: I'm not hiding here while Ahmed gets beat up just because you're afraid to do the right thing. ("Day 6: 6:00am-7:00am")

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