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Sean Ashburn played a Member of Parliament in 24: Live Another Day.


Sean Ashburn was born in Buckinghamshire, England. Since attending Windsor Boys' Shool in Berkshire, he developed an interest in theater, film, and performing arts.

Ashburn later completed the BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts at the East Berkshire College. He also worked on a variety of theater productions like Wilde Oates, The Visit, and Road. Ashburn later moved to Aberystwyth, to attend the University of Wales, where he completed a BA in Drama in 2000.

Aside of his acting career, Ashburn is also a qualified Drama teacher, and has taught and directed various plays and musicals at several schools and colleges. Ashburn also enjoys writing, traveling, and discjockeying.

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Ashburn's role was as a member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. He can be seen sitting next to the wall on James Heller's left at the House.

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