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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

An audio commentary is a different audio track for an episode of 24 that features key cast or crew members to that episode talking about its production or their experiences on the set.

Thirteen audio commentaries were featured on the DVD release of Season 5. They were from "Day 5: 7:00am-8:00am" (two commentaries), "Day 5: 12:00pm-1:00pm," "Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm," "Day 5: 10:00am-11:00am," "Day 5: 12:00pm-1:00pm," "Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm," "Day 5: 3:00pm-4:00pm," "Day 5: 4:00pm-5:00pm," "Day 5: 5:00pm-6:00pm," "Day 5: 9:00pm-10:00pm," "Day 5: 12:00am-1:00am," "Day 5: 3:00am-4:00am," "Day 5: 6:00am-7:00am" and the deleted scenes.

Audio commentaries[]

Episode Commentary by
"Day 5: 7:00am-8:00am" Kiefer Sutherland, Jon Cassar (#1)
Jon Cassar, Howard Gordon (#2)
Information gained:
  • Kiefer Sutherland didn't watch this episode prior to the commentary.
  • The names called out by Ned at the oil field are names of members of the crew.
  • The day they shot David Palmer's death was the last day Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert worked together on the show.
  • The presidential retreat is a set designed by Joseph Hodges.
  • When Jon Cassar noticed Mary Lynn Rajskub had a tattoo, he re-shot the scene to make it visible on camera.
  • The scene where Jack watches the news report about David Palmer was a late addition to the episode.
  • Kiefer Sutherland praises Sean Callery's music throughout the series, stating how important a part it plays in the show.
  • Eric Winzenried, who played the bald man who pursues Chloe ripped his Achilles tendon after tripping over. He was replaced by their camera loader for the running scenes. Winzenried would play him whenever he stood still.
  • Everyone perceives the situation room in CTU as "the soulless pit" and actors much prefer shooting outside of CTU.
  • Jon Cassar says how important it is to set up characters in the first few episodes as they will be running for the entire season.
  • Sean Callery came up with the squeaking noise that was connected with Martha Logan. Jon Cassar initially thought this was odd, but eventually it grew on him.
  • They had to reshoot the scene where Jack attempts to steal the helicopter. This included deleting a scene where Jack talks to somebody.
  • Jon Cassar believed involving Derek in the storyline as he was would be hard to make work considering that they'd done things similar with Kim Bauer.
  • Tony Almeida's face was covered as they didn't know what kind of injury they would have on his face at the time.
  • Jack's conversation with Derek in the helicopter was added to help justify the reasoning behind taking Derek along.
  • They try their best to shoot the show like theater rather than one line at a time. This means they can do up to two pages in one take.
  • They do a lot of helicopter work to aid with character transportation due to the real time aspect of the show.
  • They changed the actor for Conrad Haas three times. They re-shot the entire oil refinery sequence a month and a half later.
  • Kiefer mentions that there was a half-hour safety speech for the oil refinery which he found boring.
  • The car crashing didn't go according to plan, but Kiefer and Cassar loved how it turned out. The stunt guys were disappointed.
  • Kiefer suggested that Haas bump into the chain.
  • The beginning scenes of episode two with Jack, Chloe and Derek were originally meant to be in this episode.
"Day 5: 10:00am-11:00am" Joel Surnow, Michael Loceff
Information gained:
  • Surnow and Loceff are first cousins. They grew up in Detroit and Joel left when he was seven years old (Loceff was ten). They didn't see each other for about 25 years after that - the two got back together in their 30's and started collaborating on writing.
  • The action scenes written are mostly just put in as placeholders. It's really up to the directors to decide and choreograph what really goes on in them.
  • When starting to write this season, the writers didn't know anything about what happens beyond this episode. The first four episodes were treated as a story arc with this episode tying up what happened in the first episode.
  • Gregory Itzin was in season 4 for a small arc but his character was so interesting and he did such a wonderful job that Surnow wanted to make him a major player this year.
  • Jean Smart was the first choice when they thought of who to pair Gregory Itzin with. She has the gravitas to be the First Lady yet there was something unpredictable about her. Smart had never seen the show and watched the season 4 DVD and was blown away by Shohreh Aghdashloo's performance. It worried her about how could she possibly top that, but Surnow calmed her fears.
  • Joel was at his chiropractors office getting his back worked on when he was told that Sean Astin was also there at the time. They met and Astin was given a part as Lynn McGill.
  • It was a struggle writing as Jack was static and stuck in place for most of this episode due to being in a hostage situation.
  • Almost every episode they write ends up being three to four minutes short, so they often add additional scenes to the show. They are usually always CTU scenes as they can't go out on location. Several of these scenes were pointed out in the commentary.
  • The signing of the treaty and Ontario Airport hostage situation were two story threads that had to come together. Many tiny scenes had to be rewritten to beef it up.
  • Joseph Hodges did such a great job on the Logan's Retreat set that they used it for the whole season. It was originally planned to be in eight or nine episodes. While the interior is on a stage in Chatsworth the exterior is a horse ranch about twenty miles away in Hidden Valley.
  • The treaty signing scenes were filmed during the first episode as that location (also in Hidden Valley) had to be shot on a certain day. The scene still fit and was usable despite rewrites of the first three episodes. There was debate from the studio whether the Logan's should be so "lovey-dovey" considering everything that was going on.
  • Ivan Erwich was called "Yellow Tie Man" by the writers before he had a name.
  • In the first couple of drafts of this episode, one of the biggest ideas was for someone to sacrifice themselves by going inside. The idea was thrown away.
  • After tying up these first four episodes the idea was to follow "Yellow Tie Man" for another four episodes and link them together as much as possible.
  • Chloe O'Brian was brought on in season 3 in a very generic role, but Mary Lynn Rajskub's sheer force of personality and talent created a character. She is described as the shows "female 'Napoleon Dynamite". Kim Raver was also brought back for this season due to them liking her performance as Audrey.
"Day 5: 12:00pm-1:00pm" David Fury, John Allen Nelson
Information gained:
  • Original script opened with Curtis Manning interrogating Spenser Wolff. The story between Chloe O'Brian and Spenser was to be expanded upon but the episode was too long. Chloe was supposed to watch him being interrogated.
  • The writers did not know it was going to be Walt Cummings at first, only that there was going to be someone pulling the strings and manipulating the President.
  • Cummings is not strictly evil and genuinely believes that he is manipulating things for the good of the country.
  • They have to blow past some natural emotions (such as Mike Novick learning Jack was really alive) in order to keep up the momentum.
  • The scene with Diane went through a lot of hands such as how much should Jack care about her and how much tears she should have.
  • John Allen Nelson had previously worked on another series with composer Sean Callery so they've known each other for a long time.
  • Many people wanted to make more of the relationship love triangle between Jack, Diane Huxley, and Audrey. Kiefer felt that Audrey was his only love and that Jack wouldn't feel tempted by Diane.
  • A lot of fans hated the particular moment when Audrey called Jack right before he was to go after Cummings. These scenes are necessary and have to be shoehorned in otherwise there's no character or relationship development.
  • You can periodically see the reflection of water rippling on the walls. That was accomplished by having a little mechanical shark swim back and forth and fanning the water so that it ripples.
  • While recording this commentary Fury was also currently writing episode 22. Similar themes about patriotism were also in that episode.
  • Evan Katz did a lot of heavy lifting on certain scenes in this episode. There's always more than one hand in a script no matter what the credited writer is.
  • 24 is a very collaborative process with scripts being rewritten often. Director Jon Cassar and Kiefer Sutherland also change or update lines or find things to drop as they're filming.
  • At one point, it was planned for Walt Cummings to be sitting at the President's desk, it would be a full-blown coup.
  • As this episode took place during lunch time (12:00pm–1:00pm) and characters on 24 are almost never seen eating, Fury was determined to show that. There was a lunch platter and in a later scene of the episode where Jack used a knife against Cummings, that was where he was supposed to pick it up from. While filming however, it was improvised that Jack had a switchblade in his pocket already.
  • Kiefer Sutherland was required to punch a plastic hard shell with a pad over it in order to make the fight seem genuine. The pad slipped at some point and Kiefer was punching the hard plastic. After four or so takes, John Allen Nelson noticed that Kiefer's knuckles were bloody and the skin was ripping off. It can be seen in close-ups.
  • The next day a scene was filmed that takes place after Cummings interrogation and Nelson's eye was bloody. Jon Cassar had congratulated him for the great job on makeup, yet it was real. The bottom right corner of his right eye had hemorrhage full of blood overnight and that can be seen at the start of the next episode.
  • Fury was happy to write the conflict between Lynn McGill and Bill Buchanan. He had really wanted to keep that going further but it got dropped.
  • At first it was planned for Jack to shoot Cummings in the kneecap, but they had done that before so they decided on something different.
  • Fury expressed disappointment that he didn't get to use Mary Lynn Rajskub enough in this episode. She is the soul vessel for comedy and grounded humor on this show, and that while her character isn't strictly comic relief she can put out great cutting remarks that can't really be done with other characters.
  • Fury joked about the "Damn it" drinking game and how he gave that line to Charles Logan instead.
  • The Container Yard was shot at the Port of Long Beach.
  • John Allen Nelson watched the premiere at Dennis Haysbert's house along with Gregory Itzin and Jude Ciccolella.
"Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm" Evan Katz, Brad Turner
Information gained:
  • The storyline for this episode was difficult as they wanted Jack to go undercover to meet Erwich's people, but in a prior episode at the Ontario Airport Erwich had already seen Jack. It was decided to have Jack think that Erwich wouldn't show up and that he'd be able to do this. Since the explanation goes by so quickly hopefully viewers wouldn't notice the questionable logic of it.
  • Charles Logan has really despicable character traits and it's his love for his wife that is his redeeming characteristic. If it wasn't for that Katz doesn't know if the audience would liken to his character.
  • The building for Logan's Retreat doesn't actually exist, it is just a set on a stage. The interior doesn't have an actual exterior and those scenes are shot on location.
  • They made Martha Logan unpredictable with all of her moodswings and medication, but the great irony is that she has generally been correct on everything.
  • Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin came up with a fictitious backstory regarding their son.
  • It was interesting to have Kiefer Sutherland pretend to be fearful, as Jack Bauer is not usually scared.
  • The camera was actually kept inside the vehicle while driving out of the parking structure. A sound van was traveling behind them picking up the audio.
  • Camera operators Guy Skinner and Jay Herron listen on headsets as the actors speak their lines.
  • The children's birthday party in the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall was a way of visually identifying innocent victims. Katz has small children so it's one of the first things that came to his mind.
  • Originally Jack was to knock out the mall security guard in an effort to prevent the villains from shooting him. It was intended to be a secret hero moment. It felt like a loose end because Jack was also going to be knocked out and handcuffed, so the guard was just killed instead.
  • Jack was knocked out in order to have a commercial break without it seeming like nothing happened for 3–5 minutes. They try to avoid that but sometimes it's necessary.
  • The room he was dragged into was on stage and the room the villains were cutting the hole in was on location. The action sequence when Jack snapped Komar's neck was shot on a completely different day.
  • Scenes were shot inside the Northridge Mall during mall hours. It was a great location and they were very cooperative. The scene with everyone running around the mall in panic was shot before the mall opened so as to not scare anyone.
  • Evan Katz wrote a scene where Jack walks past a pet store and the birds in the window all fall off their perches at once, and that would be how Jack realized the nerve gas was getting out. There was no way to do it believably without killing real birds so the idea was scrapped.
  • When Katz's wife saw the episode for the first time she started to cry over the little girl. She does not read the scripts or know anything about the show as he's writing it.
  • All of the scenes inside the mall were shot within a single day.
  • Brad Turner had Polakov break the cars front window when hot-wiring the car. He had seen an earlier episode of the season where Jack Bauer broke the back window and then unlocked the front door (as to not sit on glass) and he purposely did the opposite, so that the bad guy had to sit on the broken glass.
"Day 5: 3:00pm-4:00pm" Tim Iacofano, Julian Sands
Information gained:
  • Sands watched every episode in preparation for the role. He thought he'd watch it for a few minutes and it ended up being eight hours later. He loved the acting from Shohreh Aghdashloo and the rest of the Araz family.
  • It was Tim Iacofano's suggestion that Sands not use a Slavic accent and instead a sort of western voice. Sometimes accents can get in the way and it's also another thing for an actor to think about which is unnecessary.
  • When rehearsing they clear the crew out to just the actors, director, script supervisor, and assistant director so that they can work through the material without the distraction or pressure of other people standing around. They want to get things right first and then bring in all of the technical people.
  • Julian's daughter knew Mary Lynn Rajskub from when she played the secretary on Legally Blonde and they thought it was incredible that their father was working with her.
  • Iacofano worked on a television series alongside Stephen Kronish called "Profiler". Gregory Itzin worked for them on that show and that's how he was cast as Charles Logan when discussions came up in the middle part of Season 4. Kronish had recommended Itzin for the part.
  • The warehouse interior shootouts were done in just two days at a breakneck pace.
  • It was Jon Cassar's idea to shoot the show like it's live with a news camera following the action as it's happening. It gives it a more genuine feel.
  • The helicopter shootout scene was filmed around Interstate 5 during rush hour. It would've been unbelievable to anyone that was there.
  • Geraint Wyn Davies did most of his stunts.
  • It was a very complicated process to coordinate and film the computer scene at CTU as all of the actors had to turn their heads and look at their screens at the exact moment and Sean Astin had to turn his back to the computer at a certain time too.
  • The scene towards the end in which Vladimir Bierko maps things out on the table was shot as an additional scene but ended up being a crucial one.
  • The exterior of Logan's Retreat was all filmed at Ventura Farms and is actually a horse farm. The buildings in the background are stables.
  • Joel Surnow always insists on hiring good actors as opposed to a pretty face. Debi Manwiller and Peggy Kennedy from the casting department are the unsung heroes of the show.
"Day 5: 4:00pm-5:00pm" Jean Smart, Gregory Itzin
Information gained:
  • Smart had recently worked with Alex Kuznetsov (Ostroff) on the movie Lucky You.
  • Smart doesn't use a computer but loves the Chloe O'Brian character and wants her to have a love scene with Edgar Stiles.
  • Itzin and Smart knew each other for twenty years. There was a black and white cast photo from a play they did long ago where Itzin just happened to be standing behind her. It was given to the prop department and they cropped out the other actors and enlarged the two. It was framed and used on the show as a picture on their bed table.
  • They've established a back story for their characters and came up with an idea of a kid and family. One day they told Joel Surnow and he sort of shrugged it off without showing much interest.
  • The quote from Charles Logan "My father always told me that life was about problem solving" was pitched by Itzin.
  • Viewers loved the scene where Curtis Manning relieved Lynn McGill of his authority and reinstated Bill Buchanan.
  • The motorcade attack scene was filmed in so many little pieces over a period of two days. There was a part where Martha reached for Aaron's gun to get it out of his pocket but that was cut.
  • There was an additional scene that Anya Suvarov and Martha had which showed how fond they were of each other.
  • Gregory Itzin plays golf with Dennis Haysbert. People would often come up to Haysbert and then point at Itzin and say "That ones the bad president!"
"Day 5: 5:00pm-6:00pm" Matt Michnovetz, Duppy Demetrius, Nicole Ranadive
Information gained:
  • Nicole Ranadive is normally the script coordinator meaning she puts the scripts into a form that it needs to be for production to actually film. All three (Duppy, Matt, Nicole) also track continuity on the show together.
  • The scenes with Carlos Bernard as Tony were extracted from an earlier episode. Tony was originally going to wake up much earlier than he does, in the seventh episode.
  • A helicopter in the background was an actual Navy chopper. The military has been good enough to help them with planes and F-18's and choppers. They also get to play cameos in the action sequences too so it's mutually beneficial.
  • Peter Weller was supposed to be in just three or four episodes. The character of Christopher Henderson was planned to be Jack Bauer's brother with a story arc of Jack's brother and father (Note: This was later used in season 6 with Graem and Phillip Bauer).
  • The chopper landing was in the Thousand Oaks area. Originally it was Charles Logan that was furious with Martha for getting into the car and risking her life, but it was changed for Martha to be furious with him for not turning around the motorcade.
  • They joke that even though Lynn McGill had his CTU keycard stolen he was able to get back into CTU which was the flaw of the whole plot.
  • A scene inside the Tyler Memorial Hospital changed several times. The terrorist with the nerve gas was going to be a patient that snuck in and then an orderly.
  • The Henderson residence was filmed in Toluca Lake.
  • Writers call Jack's messenger bag that he carries around all season his "magic bag" because any object that he needs for the story can be pulled out of it.
  • Henderson was tied into the backstory of season 1 where Jack exposed dirty agents.
  • The computer scene was changed many times - it was first supposed to be hidden, then in a secret room that Miriam wasn't allowed to enter, and then it was the family computer, until finally it was just put out in the open.
  • Miriam and Christopher were originally supposed to be looking after Kim Bauer after Jack was supposedly killed. Christopher was to be her godfather.
  • Jack and Miriam originally had a history of possible romance or feelings for each other (Note: this was later done in season 6 with Marilyn Bauer).
  • The photos on the computer scanning through the criminal database were mostly crew members.
  • The remote timing display of the nerve gas canister was something inserted later, it made better sense and was more realistic than having a timer on the actual canister. That way the person planting it would know exactly how much time he has left to escape the building before it goes off.
  • This canister of nerve gas was originally supposed to be just a decoy. It would detonate and be a dud with the characters realizing it was all a diversion for another attack.
  • The Henderson/Jack faceoff was rewritten several times. It was originally going to be just a stalemate with Jack threatening Henderson's wife and Henderson telling him that he would never do that to an innocent person and Jack agreeing, resulting in a stare-off.
  • Jim Lapidus designed all of the Hazmat costumes.
  • It was originally scheduled for episode 10 and 11 to air back to back, however it was changed to episodes 11 and 12 which was a much better choice.
"Day 5: 9:00pm-10:00pm" Jon Cassar, Joseph Hodges
Information gained:
  • The CTU security guards in white shirts used to be "redshirts" but this season they've seen the guards more prominently and they stood out and looked too much like Star Trek.
  • There is only one holding room on the CTU set, and in this episode two characters are in holding (Audrey Raines and Collette Stenger) so the door was changed to make it appear like two different rooms. The holding room is the place that most guests want to visit first when on the CTU set.
  • Logan's Retreat was built for eight episodes and was budgeted that way. It ended up being used the entire season so the money was well spent.
  • Most scenes on 24 are just one to two minutes, but the interrogation of Audrey was four to five.
  • Jon Cassar jokes that Kiefer Sutherland threw the table aside like it was styrofoam but it's actually extremely heavy and weighs about 200 pounds.
  • Martin Papazian, the actor who plays Rick Burke, was recommended by Joseph Hodges. Hodges had worked together with him on live action scenes on the EA Games Black video game and suggested that he audition for 24.
  • The barcodes on the glass window of the Director's office stand for something which Joseph Hodges is keeping a secret, even from Cassar. The bars on the window are sometimes pulled off when they obstruct the camera's view.
  • Parts of the Wilshire Gas Company (including the gate being smashed and the loading docks) were filmed on the back of their studio lot. The location of the Wilshire Gas Company was used before on the show in the first season as Santa Clarita Power Plant, and again used in "Day 4: 11:00pm-12:00am."
  • There were two choices for the explosion, to do it practically or by using computer generated effects. They are not big fans of CG and built some gas tanks to blow up. The complex they were filming at was being torn down so there was some empty space to put two of their own gas tanks.
  • The gas tanks were built with balsa wood so that they disintegrate easily. Two semi-circular containers were built that fit in with all of the others. The two containers that explode were numbered "2" and "4" for 24.
  • Only the two tanks were exploded, but there was three or four cameras (one inside a car) that filmed it so they were able to repeat the explosions and make it look like there was much more just by using all of the different angles.
  • A scene where Wayne Palmer took out one of his pursuers was deleted.
  • In the script Jack was going to grab Collette Stenger by her throat, but they didn't want to repeat something that was just done recently. It was changed to Jack knocking out the Federal Marshal and stealing his gun instead.
  • A split screen in which Audrey cleans herself up a bit was added in the last second to explain why her face looks normal in the next episode.
  • They are always looking for a 'ticking clock' visual to accentuate the action. In this case it was the PSI level gauge decreasing to 50 PSI.
  • The scenes with Wayne and Aaron Pierce were filmed on the Disney Ranch. It was the coldest night on filming 24 in five years. It was nice to see Pierce in action and saving Wayne. Pierce has become a character that the audience is hooked into, a lot like Jack Bauer.
  • The helicopter near the end wasn't actually flying with the actors and they just did a "poor mans process" to make it look like it's in air. They then sent camera operator Guy Skinner up in the air with a body double of Kiefer to shoot over his shoulder and see the plant in the background.
  • Stunt men rappelled down the helicopter, and then they had a little bar with a rope on it for Kiefer to slide down the last ten feet. All of the other stunts were filmed with Kiefer.
  • The way the canisters opened up was a shout-out to the movie Aliens.
  • Stan and Scott Blackwell did all of the effects with the gunshot hits during the shootout inside the Wilshire Gas Company.
  • Curtis Manning and the gas company employees running away from the building was another shot filmed on the back of their set and not on location.
  • Kiefer himself was actually running from the explosions. Director Jon Cassar patted him on the back to congratulate him and Kiefer's back was red hot from the flames. Kiefer had to do an additional four takes, with a golf cart driving in front of him to get a closeup shot.
"Day 5: 12:00am-1:00am" Howard Gordon, Mary Lynn Rajskub
Information gained:
  • Howard Gordon loved Audrey's white coat because of what happened to it later in the episode (becoming blood-soaked).
  • James Heller punching Jack in the throat was improvised by the actors and not in the script. It was Kiefer's idea.
  • Logan was originally just planned as a counterpoint to David Palmer, Gordon says it was getting monotonous to have him just play a spineless guy.
  • Vice President Hal Gardner was used as a red herring.
  • They didn't completely know Karen Hayes would be on the good guys side.
  • The sequence with Mike Novick contacting Major General Warren was not originally in the script. It was written by Joel Surnow to fill out time.
  • A scene with Charles Logan talking to Novick was filmed through the legs of a giraffe statue making it seem like Logan was caged in a jail cell.
  • Gordon wished the kiss between Martha and Charles would've been played as a bit more of a bigger moment. He imagined neither of them have kissed in years.
  • Heller's quote to Logan "Your chair is not a throne, Charles" was one of Gordon's favorite lines of the season.
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub watches the show when it airs on television, but Kiefer Sutherland does not.
  • Production designer Joseph Hodges added a horse harness on the wall at the last minute in order to tie the interiors and exteriors together.
  • Jon Cassar went to Gordon and said he was getting tired of shootouts with three or four in a row, so Gordon promised not to have any for a while.
  • Tradeoff scene between Henderson, Audrey, and Jack was reshot as they were originally playing it out in the open. It made more sense for both characters to be behind cover with neither having a clear shot.
  • The massive split screen at the end was the most boxes ever used at once.
"Day 5: 3:00am-4:00am" Manny Coto, Jude Ciccolella
Information gained:
  • Coto had to come up with a lot of pilot lingo for this episode. Everything was vetted through director Brad Turner's brother who was a pilot.
  • James Heller was supposed to be seen pulling himself out of the water in a split screen for the previous episode. That scene was cut because it seemed out of place and this episode contains the first reveal of his character surviving.
  • William Devane is from Jude Ciccolella's hometown (Albany, New York). DB Woodside also studied at State University in Albany.
  • Coto jokes that Paul McCrane's character Graem is murky because even the writers don't know who they are.
  • The airplane landing on the freeway was a big concern writing and production-wise. It had started off as a joke one of the writers threw out there but Coto seized on the idea and thought they could make it work. The effects had to be convincing and he believes they pulled it off.
  • Ciccolella filmed the scene where Novick tries to stop the plane from being shot down in multiple ways (calm and angered) as Brad Turner wanted different options.
  • The scene where Jack exits the plane from a window was filmed at an airport and was made to look like the freeway.
  • It was originally scripted for a military tank to cut Curtis's vehicle off and almost come close to firing. The characters were to be pulled out of the vehicle and frisked, but it was decided to do things much more simple and direct.
  • Vladimir Bierko's escape was planned as a huge action sequence. They were getting bored of firefights and decided to do things more subtly with Bierko and the driver trading looks and having him essentially escape off-screen.
  • The episode was said to greatly benefit from revealing Logans gun earlier, which wasn't originally in the scene.
  • Coto was going for a The Godfather II moment with the phone conversation between Graem and Logan.
  • Brad wanted it scripted to see Logan walking to his desk as a sort of "final death march" and it was filmed that way.
  • Coto joked that the final scene of this episode probably drove fans crazy as Jack spent three episodes chasing after the recording and Miles Papazian erased it within five seconds.
"Day 5: 6:00am-7:00am" Robert Cochran, Gregory Itzin
Information gained:
  • The episode was 17 minutes over length so 25% of the scenes filmed had to be cut.
  • Parts of the helicopter scene were shot on a sound stage.
  • They had trouble finding a big enough helicopter that would justify having the President in it.
  • Robert Cochran was told that a helicopter pilot cannot fly without two hands so the pilot couldn't have done anything but continue flying.
  • The helicopter landing was somewhere in Point Mugu with interior scenes of the interrogation filmed inside the old LA Times building in Chatsworth.
  • Cochran wanted Logan to search Martha so that it didn't seem she was wearing a wire. There was a little more violence than he had imagined but it worked well due to all the emotions displayed.
  • About thirty people and families walked into the hangar to watch a crucial scene between Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart. They were distracting to the actors but rather than asking the people to leave right away, Itzin wanted to give them a show and they performed the scene in front of them once.
  • All of the actors and extras participating in the eulogy of David Palmer were standing in the rain and cold wind for eight hours.
  • Logan being driven away was filmed in Point Mugu with a closeup inside the car done later in West Valley, CA.
  • Kiefer Sutherland told the makeup team exactly what he wanted his face and eye to look like when Jack was brutally tortured.
  • Cheng Zhi was originally written to say "We have something very special for you to do" but it was changed to "You're far too valuable to kill, Mr. Bauer".
Deleted scenes Stephen Kronish, Scott Powell
Information gained:

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