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The Secretary of State is a member of the United States Cabinet and the head of the Department of State.

Notable Secretaries of State[]

Picture Name Served during Status
SecState.jpg Alex Day 2 Alive

Alex was Secretary of State to David Palmer. He was forced to cast the deciding vote on deciding whether Palmer would stay in office. He expressed his high regard for Palmer, but voted "no" and apologized.

WilliamNolan.jpg William Nolan Stories Alive

William Nolan was a Secretary of State under President David Palmer. He presumably replaced Alex. He held a meeting between himself and Gregory Petrovic, the Russian Foreign Minister. This was held at Hotel Long Beach to talk about the Chechen Liberation Front. When they arrived they were kidnapped and held hostage by Imran Geshayev the CLF leader. Nolan's index finger was cut off to prove that they had been kidnapped. Nolan was safely returned after.

Taylor Day 4 Alive

Taylor was Secretary of State under President's John Keeler and Charles Logan. He was called by the Head of Security for the Chinese consulate, Cheng Zhi. Cheng told Taylor that the Chinese suspected CTU was involved in the Consul's death and the abduction of Lee Jong. He informed Charles Logan about it and authorized Cheng to visit CTU to question them about the incident.

JoeSecS7ep1.jpg Joe Stevens Day 7 Alive

Joe Stevens served as Secretary of State under President Allison Taylor. He expressed deep misgivings to her planned military intervention in Sangala, warning that it would only involve the United States in "another" civil conflict around the world. However, at the threat of being forced to resign, he agreed to shelve any doubts once the plan was set in motion.

Ethan Kanin S7.jpg Ethan Kanin Day 8 Alive

Kanin served as President Allison Taylor's Secretary of State during Day 8. He was previously her White House Chief of Staff and President Wayne Palmer's Secretary of Defense.