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Secrets of 24: The Unauthorized Guide to the Political & Moral Issues Behind TV’s Most Riveting Drama is a new book released by Sterling Publishers that is guaranteed to give you your 24 fix, and then some. The book will give you tremendous insight into how the show is seen as well as some extraordinary background on the show’s characters and settings.


Secrets of 24: The Unauthorized Guide to the Politics, Moral Philosophy, and Technology Behind the Most Riveting Show in TV History uses this blockbuster series as a jumping off point to pursue real issues of relevance to our times—from whether torture is ever justified to whether individual rights should be sacrificed in the fight against terrorism. These are "big think" issues, complemented by a survey and analysis of the technologies and methods that drive the suspenseful plots. The illuminating collection combines original interviews and commissioned essays from leading political figures, cultural commentators, celebrities, and experts on technology, security, and terrorism with carefully selected anthologized op-eds and essays. It follows the wildly successful model the authors established with Secrets of the Code and their Secrets books--which have more than four million copies in print worldwide and have been on more than a dozen international bestseller lists, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Publisher's Weekly, and USA Today.

Secrets of 24 is an exciting, engaging, and informative read for everyone fascinated with the series--and an essential companion for understanding the show's central concerns. It will be in stores just in time for the start of the show's seventh season in January.