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During Day 5, CTU Los Angeles was infiltrated by a terrorist with a vial of Sentox nerve gas that killed 56 workers, about 40% of the staff, (including Edgar Stiles and Lynn McGill) permitted the escape of a key suspect, and caused Vice President Hal Gardner to order the absorption of CTU into Homeland Security.


Stolen nerve gas Edit

Prior to Day 5, DoD commissioned the production of some nerve gas called Sentox; it was made by the Sentox Project, part of Omicron International. Two years before Day 5, Christopher Henderson, a senior vice president at Omicron, had a role in killing the chief scientist Alan Burkett, as well as Michael Gravel and at least one other in apparent accidents. With the only non-conspirators who knew about the gas dead, Henderson and a small cabal of collaborators were able to steal twenty canisters of the Sentox for later use. The rest was decommissioned legitimately. ("Day 5: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

Government plot discoveredEdit


The nerve gas

Walt Cummings had placed an undercover operative, Schaeffer, amongst Ivan Erwich's men. Schaeffer's duty was to reprogram the nerve gas canisters so that Cummings could remotely detonate them once it arrived at the terrorist base in Asia. Schaeffer was discovered under the suspicions of Erwich, and was subsequently killed. ("12:00pm-1:00pm")

Erwich obtained Cummings' mobile number through the listings on Schaeffer's mobile. He called Cummings and said that they now know about the double-cross. Since the ports were closed and the nerve gas had no way of leaving American soil, Erwich announced that, as punishment, their newly-acquired Sentox would be released in the United States. Erwich had a vial of the gas released at the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall, killing 11 people. ("2:00pm-3:00pm")

After killing Erwich and regaining control of his operation, Vladimir Bierko also used it on a Los Angeles hospital, but the vial was discovered and subsequently removed from the hospital by Curtis Manning before it could release any gas. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

Gaining access Edit

Bierko decided to hit CTU Los Angeles as a third target, so as to cripple the United States' chances of stopping his final target, a gas company that would distribute the Sentox throughout millions of homes.

He employed the help of Ostroff, a terrorist who used Jenny McGill, the sister of CTU LA's Interim Director Lynn McGill, to steal Lynn's CTU key card. After falsely promising her boyfriend, Dwayne Thompkins, that he would buy the key card for $20,000, he killed Jenny McGill and Thompkins, and altered to key card to make it appear that he owned it, and was a worker at CTU. ("5:00pm-6:00pm", "6:00pm-7:00pm")


Ostroff infiltrates CTUEdit


Ostroff infiltrates CTU

At 6:35pm, Ostroff logged in to CTU's server under Lynn McGill's name. He brought up the schematic of the ventilation system and put in a command to shut down the entire system inside of CTU. A message flashed on his screen confirming this. Working at her desk, Carrie Bendis noticed the disturbance on her screen and took it to Edgar Stiles, but Edgar told her to take a look at it herself. As she left, Edgar called back to her, but she did not reply.


Carrie Bendis is killed by Ostroff

Ostroff put the arming mechanism on the canister and starts to unscrew the door to the fan in the ventilation room. Carrie reached the ventilation room and saw the canister. She got out her phone to call someone, but Ostroff stabbed her in the neck before she could connect the call. ("6:00pm-7:00pm")

Code 6Edit

At 6:43pm, Ostroff put the canister inside the fan and set it to go off in 15 minutes. He took the timer with him. Meanwhile, Bill Buchanan informed Lynn McGill of the death of his sister. Lynn realized that their deaths could be related to the key card stolen by his sister and her boyfriend, and Buchanan asked Chloe O'Brian to check if McGill's key card had been used in the last half hour. Surprised, Chloe realized that it had and Buchanan called a lockdown.

At 6:52pm, Buchanan told Jack Bauer that they were still looking for the hostile and had locked down the exits. Jack told Audrey to get Kim down out of the Field Ops office. Edgar Stiles located Ostroff, and Buchanan sent Jack to find him. After noticing that Carrie was still missing, Edgar Stiles told Chloe that he was going to look for her. Meanwhile, Ostroff took out a guard and, stealing his radio, ran away.


Jack Bauer killed Ostroff

Jack saw the killed guard in the hallway and realized that there was no walkie talkie. He sends a covert signal to Buchanan and Audrey, convincing Ostroff that he was in a different location. Convinced that he was in the clear, Ostroff headed towards a door. Jack crept up behind him and told him to freeze. Ostroff tried to fool Jack with a second gun but he was taken down before he could shoot Jack. Jack discovered the timer and realized that the nerve gas was in the system. Buchanan quickly called for a Code 6 evacuation throughout the building. Pandemonium ensued as the workers ran from their desks.

From the ventilation room, Edgar called Chloe to find out what was going on, but Chloe told him to get out of the building. He called for Carrie, and stumbled upon her dead body. He turned to leave, missing the canister which had begun to release gas.


Edgar Stiles died from the Sentox attack.

Audrey, Kim, and Barry Landes headed for the exit, but they noticed people starting to collapse in a different room. Chloe told to go to the Situation Room, which they could seal off, as Buchanan headed to the Director's Office, which was also secure. Jack told Rick Burke to send Christopher Henderson to clinic isolation, another secure room. The fourth safe room was Holding 4, where Lynn McGill was being kept.

Jack, Chloe, Audrey, Kim, Barry, and six other workers ran into the Situation Room. Chloe sealed off the available rooms. As CTU workers around them died, the surviving people turned away in horror. Suddenly, Audrey noticed Edgar running back to the main floor. Chloe went to the glass, and Edgar called her name out and began to choke. The people in the situation room were speechless as he collapsed to the floor. ("6:00pm-7:00pm")

Seals begin to failEdit

At 7:00pm, Curtis Manning called Buchanan from a car phone, and was alerted to the situation in CTU. He was bringing a CRT team back to CTU with him, but would not be back for another hour.


Some of the survivors with Audrey Raines

Chloe O'Brian discovered soon after that the seals protecting them from the gas were breaking. She deduced that terrorists added a corrosive agent to the gas that was eating through the seals. She told Buchanan they have less than a half an hour to fix the problem. Curtis Manning was on his way to CTU, but would not be there in time. Jack suggested using the air conditioning system, and learnt that there was a program that could active it, so Jack volunteered to go in.

At 7:25pm, Jack Bauer climbed through a false wall and made his way towards a separate room. After sufficiently sealing off the door he came through, ensuring no gas would get to anyone in the Situation Room, he set off through the gas, while holding his breath. However, he came to some steel bars that Chloe had not been informed of on her map of CTU due to a wrongly filed update. Chloe worked out that the only person close enough to the vent was Lynn, but once he left the room there would be nowhere for him to go to remove the Sentox from the air; he would effectively be going on a suicide mission. Lynn, thinking of all the trouble he caused, was able to reason with the guard and agreed to go down and deactivate the program.


Lynn McGill dies from the effects of the Sentox VX nerve gas.

The guard, Harry Swinton, made one final heartfelt phone call to his daughter, after which Lynn headed out. He was able to deactivate the program, and made it back to the room. After holding their breaths for as long as possible, McGill and Swinton both breathed in air and died instantly. Just before they died, Jack Bauer informed the men that their efforts were successful, and they were draining the gas from the systems. He also said that he would personally notify each of their families of their sacrifice.

By 7:53pm the air in CTU was safe to breathe again, and the people from the safe rooms were able to leave. ("7:00pm-8:00pm")

Attack survivors Edit

Picture Name
GasAttackTonyAlmeida Tony Almeida
Tony Almeida was in CTU medical when the gas invaded CTU. He discovered Christopher Henderson was in medical, and after knocking out Dr. Marc Besson and Rick Burke, he attempted to kill Henderson. However, Henderson overpowered him and stabbed him with a lethal syringe, and Tony was dead for almost 10 minutes, until his body was taken away from CTU, and he was revived by David Emerson.
GasAttackJackBauer Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer was at CTU Los Angeles as the virus broke out. He killed Ostroff and discovered a timer which showed that the nerve gas would be released momentarily. He called Chloe O'Brian and explained the situation, which led to the evacuation of some people and the move of others into the safe rooms.
GasAttackKimBauer Kim Bauer
Kim Bauer was at CTU Los Angeles after she was requested to by Audrey Raines. She met with her father, who she thought to be dead, and was shocked by the experience. After attempting to leave Jack convinced her to stay for a while longer, which led her to being present during the attack.
GasAttackMarkBenson Dr. Marc Besson
Marc Besson was overseeing Tony Almeida after the attempted assassination on him earlier in the day. Tony woke up and saw the bodies of those killed by the gas, and Besson had to try hard to keep him calm. After Jack Bauer called CTU medical and Tony discovered that Christopher Henderson, the man responsible for the death of Michelle Dessler, was at CTU, Tony knocked Besson out and went after Henderson.
GasAttackBillBuchanan Bill Buchanan
After Jack Bauer killed Ostroff, he informed Buchanan of the nerve gas at CTU. Buchanan instantly called a Code 6 and began the evacuation. After overseeing several people's escape from the building and others retreat into safe rooms, he headed up to his director's office, a location that could be sealed from the gas.
GasAttackRickBurke Rick Burke
Rick Burke traveled from an interrogation room to CTU medical with Christopher Henderson to avoid the effects of the gas. They made it there safely, and Burke continued his interrogation whilst those in the Situation Room tried to stop the flow of gas. He was knocked out by Tony Almeida who planned to kill Henderson.
GasAttackChristopherHenderson Christopher Henderson
Christopher Henderson was being interrogated by Rick Burke, but had to be moved to CTU medical to avoid the nerve gas. They made it there successfully, and Burke continued the interrogation. Burke thought Henderson had fallen into a coma, but he woke up just as Tony Almeida was about to kill him. Henderson used the syringe Tony had and injected it into Tony before escaping.
GasAttackBarryLandes Barry Landes
Barry Landes was with Kim Bauer when she came to CTU to see her father. They were on their way to the airport. Barry saw it as a bad move for Kim to come back to CTU, and encouraged her to leave the building on several occasions. He clashed with Jack Bauer during their time in the Situation Room, but helped Chloe O'Brian resume work after her shock following the death of Edgar Stiles.
ChloeWatches Chloe O'Brian
Chloe O'Brian entered a safe room at the last minute after trying to activate air conditioners to send the gas out of the building. She was emotionally traumatized after seeing her friend Edgar Stiles get killed by the gas, but was talked around by Barry Landes and managed to help get rid of the gas after Lynn McGill's sacrifice.
GasAttackAudreyRaines Audrey Raines
Audrey Raines was working at CTU as a DoD liaison during Day 5. She made it to the Situation Room with several others when the nerve gas made it into CTU's ventilation system. She oversaw the events that happened.
CTUGasAttackSurvivorF1 Female survivor 1
Whilst Chloe O'Brian was still in shock from the death of Edgar Stiles, this CTU worker pulled up the video feed from Medical where Tony Almeida was holding Rick Burke at gunpoint, hoping to kill Christopher Henderson. She managed to turn on the audio so the Situation Room could hear what was being said, and after a few more seconds allowed audio to be submitted to the room so Jack Bauer could talk Tony out of killing Henderson.
CTUGasAttackSurvivorF2 Female survivor 2
She reached the CTU LA Situation Room before the Sentox VX-1 nerve gas infiltrated the main floor, and was successfully sealed in and protected.
CTUGasAttackSurvivorM1 Male survivor 1
He reached the CTU LA Situation Room before the Sentox VX-1 nerve gas infiltrated the main floor, and was successfully sealed in and protected.
CTUGasAttackSurvivorM2 Male survivor 2
He reached the CTU LA Situation Room before the Sentox VX-1 nerve gas infiltrated the main floor, and was successfully sealed in and protected.

He later helped to remove the false wall in the room with Jack Bauer, who planned to go out to try to ventilate the gas out of CTU's air ducts. After Jack left, the worker replaced the wall. He also helped to remove the wall when Jack returned.

CTUGasAttackSurvivorM3 Male survivor 3
He reached the CTU LA Situation Room before the Sentox VX-1 nerve gas infiltrated the main floor, and was successfully sealed in and protected.
CTUGasAttackSurvivorGuard CTU Security survivor
A CTU Security guard reached the CTU LA Situation Room before the Sentox VX-1 nerve gas infiltrated the main floor, and was successfully sealed in and protected. He helped restore the false wall which was removed when Jack Bauer returned from a failed attempt to expel the gas from the building.

Attack fatalities Edit

The following people were killed during Ostroff's terrorist attack on the building.

Picture Name
S5E12x04 Carrie Bendis
The data analyst Carrie Bendis was stabbed to death by the terrorist infiltrator, before the gas was vented into the building.
S5ep12ctuguard4 CTU security guard
After planting the nerve gas container in a vent and set to a timer, the terrorist Ostroff attempted to escape the building before the gas was released. Once he knew he was being pursued, he attacked a guard, stole his radio, and shot him to death.
Lynndieing Lynn McGill
Lynn McGill was in Holding 4 with Harry Swinton. Chloe O'Brian deduced that they were the only ones close enough to turn the air conditioning on so that the nerve gas could be removed from the building. However, he had nowhere safe to go afterward, and died from inhalation of the gas.
GasAttackEdgarStiles Edgar Stiles
Edgar Stiles went to the ventilation room to look for Carrie Bendis, whom he felt he had mistreated. He found her dead body and ran out into the CTU main floor, but it was too late; the doors had already been sealed. He inhaled the gas and died, watched by all inhabitants of the Situation Room.
GasAttackHarrySwinton Harry Swinton
Harry Swinton was the guard assigned to Holding 4 to watch Lynn McGill. He died after inhaling the gas once McGill left the room to turn on the air conditioning, allowing others to survive.
GasAttackCasulty1 CTU staffer
A female CTU agent threw herself against the glass of the Situation Room. Jack Bauer told her that they could not open the door as it had been sealed shut. He said that she should find a way out, but she collapsed to the ground before she could move.
Gas fatalities Gas attack fatalities 1, 2, 3
When Audrey Raines, Kim Bauer and Barry Landes tried to evacuate CTU, they saw 3 staffers collapse in the corridor outside of the main room. This made them realize the gas was working its way from the outside in.
Gas fatality 4 Gas attack fatality 4
As Jack and others made their way to the Situation Room, a woman fell onto some glass windows and slid down.
Gas fatality 5 Gas attack fatality 5
A woman collapsed outside the director's office.
GasAttackCasulty2 Gas attack fatality 6
A CTU security guard collapsed on the second floor of CTU near Bill Buchanan in the director's office.
Gasattackvictim Gas attack fatality 7
Gasattackvictim2 Gas attack fatality 8
Gasattackvictim4 Gas attack fatality 9
Gasattackvictim6 Gas attack fatality 10
Gasattackvictim7 Gas attack fatality 11
Gasattackvictim9 Gas attack fatality 12
GasAttackCasulty3 Gas attack fatality 13
As Jack Bauer went out into the contaminated area to try to activate the air conditioning, he passed the body of a CTU worker.
Gasattackvictim3 Gas attack fatality 14
Gasattackvictim8 Gas attack fatality 15

Aftermath Edit


Karen Hayes informs Bill Buchanan that she is coming to CTU

The attack killed approximately over 40% of CTU staff, 56 people to be exact. In an early estimate, Bill Buchanan told Karen Hayes that he would need about 55 people to re-staff the building, making the CTU count between 135 and 140. However, this figure includes CTU operatives who were out in the field at the time of the attack, such as Curtis Manning and those off duty at the time. Almost all of the CTU agents in the building at the time were killed; the only survivors were a small handful who managed to make it to sealed rooms. ("8:00pm-9:00pm")

Tony Almeida's heart was stopped after he attempted to kill Christopher Henderson during the chaos caused by the attack. But, unknown to every survivor at CTU, he was revived by one of Henderson's mercenaries, David Emerson, after his body was taken out from CTU. ("8:00pm-9:00pm", "Day 7: 8:00am-9:00am")

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