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Seville was a young boy from Sangala who played football near the Okavango School during the events of 24: Redemption.

Redemption Edit

Seville was playing soccer with a group of boys, including Desmond and James, when a group of terrorists from General Juma's rebel army led by Youssou Dubaku arrived to kidnap them. The boys knew they were going to be brainwashed and used as throwaway soldiers, and Seville wet his pants in fear. While the terrorists laughed at the him, Youssou told him that babies who wet their pants were useless to him, and he will transform him into a soldier. Meanwhile, James and Desmond turned to flee. One of Youssou's men opened fire on them; James was killed, and Desmond was left for dead. Seville and the other boys were taken by the rebels.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Vincent Kiala, the boy who played Seville, was not an actor, but a member of a real boy's soccer team from an area near where filming took place.

Live appearancesEdit

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