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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

Shaina was a mercenary during Day 1, the sister of the assassin Mehr.

After Mehr stole Max Ferraro's ID card and blew up the plane he was on, Shaina was waiting on the ground under the flight path. She set up several landing lights and waved a flare so Mehr knew where to land. After the landing, Shaina greeted her sister and took the ID card. Mehr left and Shaina burned her parachute and flight suit in a fire, before burying the ID card under some rocks.

In1x02 Shaina and Yakub

Shaina argues with Yakub

Shaina then made her way to Yakub Syed's shack, and told Syed that she didn't have the ID card with her. She explained that Mehr was bad at negotiating, and demanded more money than was agreed. Yakub grew angry, and Mehr attempted to shut her sister up, explaining that Yakub was extremely dangerous and their lives were in danger. Shaina managed to convince Mehr that while they had the ID, he couldn't touch them, and they both then agreed to get more money from Yakub.

Yakub then relented, transferring extra money to the women, and Shaina agreed to lead him to the ID. When they got to the landing site, Shaina dug it up and gave it to Yakub. As she went back to her sister, she was shot and killed by a sniper Yakub had hiding in the hills.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Shaina is based on Bridgit from the original series. However, Shaina is Mehr's sister, rather than her lover, as in the original.

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