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|birthdate = 1 January 1972
|birthdate = 1 January 1972
|role = [[Hasan Numair]]}}
|role = [[Hasan Numair]]}}
'''Shaun Majumder''' (born on [[January 29]], [[1972]] in [[Burlington, Newfoundland and Labrador|Burlington]], [[Newfoundland and Labrador]]) is a [[Canada|Canadian]] [[comedian]] and [[actor]]. His mother is a white Newfoundlander, his father is [[India]]n.
He started his entertainment career as an announcer for the [[YTV (Canadian television)|YTV]] game show ''CLIPS'', and soon was hosting the network's popular morning kids show on called ''Brain Wash'', where he was known simply as Ed. He eventually joined ''[[This Hour Has 22 Minutes]]'' in [[2003]], and also hosted 15 episodes of the ''[[Just For Laughs]]'' specials on television and participated in the Comedy festivals in [[Montreal]]. He was also a star of ''[[Cedric the Entertainer Presents]]'', aired in the [[United States]] on the [[Fox Broadcasting Company|Fox]] network, and appeared in an NFB documentary on aspring Canadian comics, ''The Next Big Thing''. [${the}%20AND%20${next}%20AND%20${big}%20AND%20${thing}]
Majumder has also starred in the [[Canadian Broadcasting Corporation|CBC]] comedy [[Television pilot|pilots]] ''[[Hatching, Matching and Dispatching]]'' and ''[[Plain Brown Rapper]]'', as well as playing Kumar's brother in the [[2004]] comedy ''[[Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle]]''.
[[Image:TV_22_minutes_oilers.jpg|thumb|right|330px|Raj Binder at the [[Heritage Classic]] outdoor ice-hockey game taking a group photo]]
Majumder often plays an [[alter ego]] called Raj Binder. Binder is an [[India]]n reporter with an [[Accent (linguistics)|accent]], who profusely [[sweating|sweats]]. He started as part of a feature for ''Just For Laughs'' called "Backstage With Binder" where he interviews the comedians after their performance, and has continued on into ''22 Minutes''.
Majumder caused some minor controversy when "Raj" posed in the MegaStars group picture during the Heritage Classic [[NHL]] outdoor ice-hockey game. This was seen as offensive because the photo was meant to be a memorable picture used to celebrate a historic occasion, the first outdoor hockey game in the history of the NHL. Many people believed{{citation needed}} that the character ruined the photo just for the sake of a TV show.
== Selected filmography ==
== Selected filmography ==

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