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Sid Paulson was the air traffic control supervisor on duty at Northeast 3 during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Paulson received a report from Phil, one of his air traffic controllers, that his system exhibited unusual behavior. Sid reported the problem and was put into contact with Larry Moss of the FBI. When another of Paulson's subordinates, Gus, discovered audio that demonstrated terrorists had seized their controls, Paulson reported this to Moss. He tried to determine what the terrorists were up to after evaluating the speech which Gus overheard. When the controllers Phil, Gus, and Todd were locked out of their systems by Tony Almeida, he and the whole air traffic control staff watched in shock as Almeida orchestrated a near-collision between two passenger jets. Tony called Sid and claimed it was merely a demonstration, and they were given control of their systems again.

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