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Simon Cullens was an accountant for Ramon and Hector Salazar prior to Day 3.

Day 3 Edit

After Jack broke Ramon out of prison, Chase Edmunds tried desperately to figure out where the Ramon would land to meet his brother Hector. Chase knew that Simon Cullens had done some work with the Salazars as an accountant in the past, and so he forced his way into Simon's home. Chase threatened Simon with his weapon, frightening Rita Cullens and their two children. Simon cooperated when Chase told him that he wasn't going to be arrested. Searching through computer records, Simon found the transaction Hector made to pay off the mercenary David Gomez, and next determined that the Salazars' money was sent from Colombia to Las Nieves, Mexico, sometime after Ramon was arrested. Chase then arranged with Cullens to use his private jet to fly there.

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