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Sloane Kitridge was a brokerage firm in Washington, D.C..

Chris Whitley worked for Nichols at Sloane Kitridge - Whitley lost a lot of money in the stock markets, and Nichols offered him extra work laundering funds through Abu Dhabi and Eritrea. Whitley also secured Roger Taylor a job at the company, where he met Samantha Roth, another employee with whom Taylor started a relationship.

Jonas Hodges met with Nichols in the offices of Sloane Kitridge to discuss his transactions being untraceable. As the meeting was going on, Chris Whitley was reassuring his associate John about their recent transaction. After Hodges left, Nichols summoned Whitley to his office and asked him to erase his records. However, Whitley did not, investigating the transactions himself and finding a connection with a terrorist. He informed Taylor of this, but was murdered before gaining any evidence. (24: Redemption)

After Whitley's murder, Taylor started investigating himself. However, Hodges and Nichols arranged for Taylor to be framed for insider trading at the company, and he became a target of the SEC. Taylor was fired, and then murdered by Hodges' men - however his death was framed as a suicide. Samantha Roth knew about his murder and had a flash drive containing his evidence, but was paid to keep quiet about it.

7x02 LA Times roof

Henry and Samantha talk

At around 9:48am on Day 7, Samantha Roth was at the offices speaking with her client Paul when Roger Taylor's father Henry visited to question her about his son's death. They talked on the roof of the office building, but Samantha did not tell him everything she knew. About 40 minutes later, she called him again from work to arrange another meeting to reveal the truth to him. ("Day 7: 9:00am-10:00am", "10:00am-11:00am")

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