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Sean Walker finds the snipers.

Sniper Search[edit | edit source]

Robert Daniels tells Jack that it does not matter that he knows about the snipers; he is too late to stop them. Jack calls CTU and informs Michelle Dessler that there are snipers positioned around the Vice President's motorcade route. He asks if she is through to Secret Service, but she says the signal is jammed. Jack says that he will have to take out each sniper individually. Jack says that he does not know the location of the snipers, just that they are on the motorcade's route. Michelle says that she will get Sean Walker to try and locate them using Sat Nav 1. Jack tells her to call him when she gets something, and they hang up. Michelle gives Sean the instructions, telling him to sign in using HMC Protocol, and says him that there is not much time.

Sean looks at the sniper tagets

Sean successfully manages to use CTU software to find potential sniper targets by scanning all the buildings around the motorcade's route and analyzing whether they could be the shooters.


Michelle tells Sean that they need to upload the information to Jack's PDA immediately. Sean uploads the information, and Jack, ready and waiting on top of the office's roof, receives it successfully. He looks through the viewfinder towards the targets.

Mission targets[edit | edit source]

  • Targets found: 9
  • Time: 01:40

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • To do the mission, players have to search through each individual building and scan potential snipers on the President's motorcade route.
  • Players have 4 minutes 25 seconds to complete the mission.
  • In the previous mission, Daniels says there are seven snipers. However, Sean is assigned to find nine here, which he does successfully.

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