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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Solarz was a CTU Los Angeles field agent active during Day 4.

Day 4[]

Agent Solarz went with Tony Almeida and Jack Bauer to investigate a tip given to them by Dina Araz, which turned out to be an abandoned meeting house for one of Habib Marwan's terrorist cells.

In the next hour, he went with a full tactical team on a mission to capture Marwan. When it was revealed that Marwan had escaped using a dead CTU agent's gear, Solarz realized his partner was Marwan in disguise. He tried to put up a fight, but Marwan shot Solarz three times under his bullet-proof vest at point-blank range, seconds before 6:00PM.


Solarz is killed by Habib Marwan

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