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Agent Solof was a CTU field agent sent to guard Irish Republican Army defector Moira O'Neal for the mission code-named Albatross.

One Shot Edit

Solof, along with agents Dillon and Jack Bauer, transferred Moira O'Neal by helicopter to a safe house in the Arizona desert, where agents Taylor and Landon were already stationed.

When Tim McGinnis and his crew attacked the safe house, Solof and Dillon survived. Dillon was killed when Megan shot a rocket at the house, but Solof lived to escape with O'Neal and Bauer.

Solof, Bauer, and O'Neal took a Jeep to a gas station/garage and parked inside. Solof saw McGinnis' van coming and warned the others of an impending attack. Megan used the rocket launcher to destroy the garage.

Live appearancesEdit