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Cover Name Released Number of Tracks
24soundtrack.jpg Original Television Soundtrack December 7, 2004 19
Much of 24's dramatic tension and atmospheric textures—are consistently delivered by the music of young composer Sean Callery, who's won three straight Emmy nominations (winning once) for his contributions to the series. The composer personally selected and annotated the tracks for this anthology of his best work from the show's first three seasons, anchored by a complete version of the show's usually truncated theme.
24remixsoundtrack.jpg The Longest Day May 3, 2005 4
Remixes of the 24 theme.
24thegamesoundtrack.jpg Original Game Score February 28, 2006 8
A selection of songs from the PlayStation 2 game. This is a "digital EP" only available for download from the Fox official website and at Apple iTunes.
24s45st.jpg 24: Seasons 4 and 5 Soundtrack November 14, 2006 21
Second release from now two-time Emmy winner Sean Callery featuring selected tracks from Seasons 4 and 5, in addition to 3 cuts from 24: The Game as well a previously unreleased track from Season 3.
24Remixed.jpg 24: Remixed July 17, 2007 3
Release of three remixes of the 24 theme tune.
24redemptionsoundtrack.jpg 24: Redemption Soundtrack November 25, 2008 17
Soundtrack for the Season 7 prequel, 24: Redemption.


Cover Name Released Number of Tracks
24CS.jpg 24: Conspiracy soundtrack January 2005 7
A promotional soundtrack for the 24: Conspiracy mini-series.

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