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9x01 Chloe Tortured

Chloe was tortured by Special Activities personnel.

Special Activities was a division in the Central Intelligence Agency responsible for interrogation and covert operations. There was a Special Activities team operating at the CIA London station.

A few days before Day 9, Chloe O'Brian was captured by Special Activities and held in their facilities. O'Brian was subject to intense questioning and torture during that time. Somehow, fugitive Jack Bauer found out about Chloe's capture, and managed to get himself captured on purpose. Knowing his status, President James Heller's Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau ordered Head of CIA Station Steve Navarro to transfer Bauer to Special Activities.

When Bauer was about to be transferred, he managed to knock out the agents escorting him and infiltrated the Special Activities basement. Jack threatened Dean and forced him to take him to Chloe, where he freed her. Despite Kate Morgan's attempt to stop them, Bauer and Chloe escaped with the aide of Belcheck.

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