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The Special Weapons and Tactics team (abbreviated SWAT) is a specialized branch of a police or other military organization that is trained for dangerous missions. The Los Angeles Police Department and the Counter Terrorist Unit each have their own SWAT teams.

Police SWAT[]

  • Jack Bauer - a member of the LAPD SWAT before Day 1
  • Chase Edmunds - a former member of the Washington D.C. Police Emergency Response Team (SWAT)
  • Curtis Manning - a former member of the Boston Police Department SWAT
  • Bellows - an NYPD SWAT member on Day 8
  • Faulkner - an NYPD SWAT member on Day 8
  • Martin - an NYPD SWAT member on Day 8

Day 1[]

After Kim Bauer and Rick Allen arrived at the residence of Frank Allard, an LAPD SWAT team summoned by Officer Krugman burst into the house in a drug sting, shot one of Frank's accomplices, and arrested everyone else.

Day 5[]

LAPD SWAT officers guarded the crime scene of David Palmer's assassination.

CTU TAC team[]


Day 2[]

An FBI SWAT team met Jack Bauer and Nina Myers when they arrived at Davenport Airfield in Visalia. They further led a raid on Crescent Collectibles and arrested Mamud Rasheed Faheen for questioning about Second Wave and the nuclear device in Los Angeles.

Day 7[]

The FBI SWAT teams played a fairly large part in the events of Day 7. Their operations were present in the search for the sniper that killed Gabriel Schector, the retaking of the White House when it was attacked and taken over by terrorists led by General Juma, the raid on the Starkwood Compound in search of the Prion variant bioweapon canisters, the search for Robert Galvez as well as the siege at the industrial park which resulted in the arrest of Alan Wilson and Tony Almeida.

Background information and notes[]

  • From "Day 6: 10:00pm-11:00pm," it is seen that SWAT officers carry Heckler & Koch-type submachine guns (possibly the MP5 Submachine Gun, a standard counterterrorist weapon) as armament.