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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.

Spire was a doctor in a Los Angeles medical clinic during Day 2.

Day 2[]

Dr. Spire was forced by Jack Bauer to operate on Jonathan Wallace at his clinic, even though Wallace needed the attention of an actual hospital. Spire was assisted by a nurse, Clara, during the operation. Despite the medical treatment, the gunshot wound was too severe and Wallace died. The doctor was stunned when Jack discovered and cut out a computer chip from Wallace's torso.

Later, in the clinic basement, when Ronnie Stark stopped Jack's heart during torture, Davis went to steal some epinephrine upstairs. At that time, injured victims of racist mobs were coming into the clinic, so Davis murdered one of them and demanded epinephrine from Spire. Spire saved Jack's life with the epinephrine, but was held hostage after Stark was killed and replaced by Raymond O'Hara.

Jack convinced Doctor Spire to help him escape; he untied Jack's restraints, and stabbed O'Hara in the back with a large dose of beroglide. In the doctor's presence, Jack then shot Davis and Trask after luring them in, and killed O'Hara after interrogating him.

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