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Splendor was a large container ship under the sovereignty of the People's Republic of China.

Day 5 Edit

After President Charles Logan, one of the masterminds behind the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy, was secretly placed under arrest with the aid of Jack Bauer and others, another co-conspirator tipped off Chinese authorities that Jack was in fact still alive. Jack managed to fake his own death after indirectly causing the death of Chinese Consulate Consul 18 months ago, so Chinese government sent intelligence agents Cheng Zhi and other operatives to capture Bauer. After using an operative to trick Jack into taking a phone call from his daughter, three others subdued Jack by surprise and took him to the cargo bay of the container ship. Cheng emerged before Bauer, telling him to pay the price for what he did. Jack asked Cheng to kill him, which Cheng declined, and deemed Jack too valuable to kill. Cheng then walked away, leaving him for interrogation by other agents as the ship bounded for China.

Background information and notes Edit

  • The name painted on the stern of the ship is "光彩", which means "splendor" in Chinese.
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