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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

St. Andrew's was a hospital located in New York City.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

After Renee Walker was shot in Jack Bauer's apartment, he rushed her to St. Andrew's Hospital to be treated. As soon as he entered the emergency room, a female surgeon and a team of nurses took her to an OR. Desperate, Jack sat in the hallway waiting. As he is waiting, he calls Chloe O'Brian and tells her what happened. At almost 9:00am, the lead surgeon and the nurses walked out of the OR. Jack hung up and the surgeon approached Jack and told him they weren't able to save her. Jack approached the room where Renee's body lay and started crying.

After some minutes, the female surgeon reported to Jack that they had to move Renee's body to the morgue. She also asked him if he was the husband or a relative. Jack revealed that he did not know anything about Renee's family, and walked away in shock. In the hallway, a nurse handed Jack a fresh set of clothes. With revenge on his mind, Jack then called Chloe again as he departed the hospital to find out where Sergei Bazhaev—the only lead he knew who could disclose information about Renee's murder—was being held.

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