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St. Edwards Hospital was a hospital located in London, England.

Day 9Edit

After Simone Al-Harazi was hit by a bus when pursuing Yasmin Azizan, an ambulance took her to St. Edwards for immediate treatment. As she was being worked on by a surgeon, chief inspector Helen McCarthy set up security at the hospital.

When Simone's mother learned of her transferral to the hospital, she had her henchman Kareem infiltrate the building. Jack Bauer and Kate Morgan arrived at the hospital to interrogate Simone, and Jack told the surgeon to bring her out of her coma while Kate questioned Yasmin. Kareem overheard Morgan's questioning, relaying to Margot that Simone had betrayed their plans. Margot asked for Simone's precise location, and ordered Ian to ready a drone.

Jack questioned Simone, who refused to talk to him, and Jack then spotted Kareem in the secure area. After a chase, Kareem was shot by two police officers and Jack learned from his phone that the hospital was under threat. He had CI McCarthy order a full evacuation, and led Simone out of the building. Kate escorted Yasmin out, and as they were leaving the drone strike took out the hospital. Jack, Kate and Simone got into a car outside, and after evading another missile strike they drove away from the hospital pursued by Ian's drone. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

Background information and notesEdit

  • Several news reels shown during "Day 9: 7:00pm-8:00pm" mistakenly refer to the hospital as "St. Edmund's".
  • Though the hospital is fictional, its name is similar to King Edward's Hospital, a real-world hospital that is favored by the British Royal Family.

Live appearancesEdit

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