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St. Julian's was a hospital located in New York City.

Day 8Edit

After Farhad Hassan was shot twice, Jack Bauer decided to use his body as a bait to the other terrorists, pretending that Farhad was alive. To do so, he ordered his body to be transported in an ambulance to St. Julian's. Upon arriving, with heavy security, the body was transferred to a room with several CTU agents guarding the hallways and entrances. CTU New York also took control of the surveillance cameras and started running a facial recognition software with all the employees cross-referencing it with lists of potential terrorists.

Shortly before 2:00am, Marcos Al-Zacar arrived at the parking lot and was intercepted by CTU's software. Marcos headed to the entrance that was guarded by Agent Owen and after telling him he had a bomb, forced him to lead him into Farhad's room. After he did, Marcos tried to detonate a bomb in the hospital, but the detonator signal was successfully jammed by CTU. When Jack and other agents broke in the room, Marcos jumped through the window into a lower floor trying to escape.

As Jack followed him, Marcos trapped himself in some sort of pressure chamber. While they figured out a way to get him out, Jack asked Cole Ortiz to bring Marcos' mother, Elaine Al-Zacar, to the hospital. While he did so, Marcos communicated with Samir who instructed him to manually detonate his vest. Marcos started working the wiring of the bomb, but at one point Jack brought his mother in to talk to him. Elaine tried to convince Marcos of getting out, but he refused to do it. Jack then took Elaine outside and approached the monitor on the chamber. He then threatened Marcos with injuring his mother if he didn't walk out. Marcos got out, but as Jack started asking him questions about those responsible, Ali managed to activate the bomb remotely. Jack tried to take the vest out but couldn't. Marcos then asked Jack to tell his mother he was sorry and then ran into the chamber where he blew up and died.


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