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St. Mark's Hospital was where Janet York was taken to during Day 1 after being hit by a car.

Day 1 Edit

Also during the early hours of Day 1, Jack Bauer arrived after informing Claude Davenport of hospital security to make sure no one goes near Janet York while she was having surgery.

When Jack was there, he caught Ben trying to get past Davenport with a black suitcase. Thinking Ben was a threat to Janet, he assaulted him. It was then revealed Ben was trying to smuggle drugs into the hospital for his brother Virgil who was in detox.

Teri Bauer and Kevin Carroll, who she still thought was Alan York, remained at the hospital for several hours. Kevin went in to talk to Janet first, and killed her instead.

Notable employees Edit

Notable patients Edit

Background information and notes Edit

  • The exterior shot of Jack leaving the helicopter outside of St. Mark's Hospital was filmed at the Fox Television Center on South Bundy Drive. This was the same location as the shots of Jack getting into the helicopter outside of the CTU Los Angeles building.

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