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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Stan Cotter was the pilot on Flight 520 from Los Angeles to Frankfurt. His original co-pilot, Don Fagenson, was replaced at the last minute by a Hatton Air employee.

Day 5[]

Cotter served as the lead pilot on Flight 520. Shortly after takeoff, he sealed the cockpit upon becoming aware that a passenger may be a threat to the aircraft. Following some persuasion by the passenger, who turned out to be Jack Bauer, Cotter reluctantly allowed the federal agent to perform his investigation of passengers aboard in his search for a damning recording of the President.

After Cotter discovered that his newly-assigned co-pilot Scott Evans may be the criminal, he opened the cockpit door for Jack. He was knocked unconscious by Evans with a flashlight, but Jack stormed in and subdued Evans.

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